You Have the Viking Warming Drawer Problem?

viking warming drawer repair

viking warming drawer repair

Viking warming drawer has become the greatest help in the kitchen and have enhanced our lives to the brand new level of comfort and joy. It means that our food always remains deliciously mist and most importantly warm to help you remain cool and relaxed in the day-to-day chaotic life. Owing to the humidity control you can keep foods crisp or if you wish so maintain it moisturized. You will find the range of temperature settings that are specially designed for the gourmets with different tastes and preferences.

Viking warming drawers are accounted in more than 12 types to choose from. Owing to their unique design and functionality, almost anyone can find their perfect warming drawer to fit the very own kitchen design and expectations.

The Viking Company was founded in 1980s by Fred Carl with its first kitchen supplies that offer a wide range of kitchen appliances. The special proud and attention of Viking is definitely paid to the warming drawers for both residential and commercial usage. Those who always wanted to purchase the outstanding Viking warming drawer can do it either by means of the online shop or in the local appliances store. The special attention is especially paid to such warming drawer models:

  • VEWD Custom Warming Drawer. It is an entry level appliance that features the heavy duty drawer, powerful heating element, indicator lights, temperature settings and much more. Pay the special attention to the moist potholders since they can cause a steam burn. Do not forget to always use the copper wires between the electrical connection and ground appliance to avoid the unexpected surprises.
  • RDEWD Warming Drawer. This high performance appliance can be used by both home consumers and business owners. If you invest in this cutting edge appliance the Viking appliance repair won’t be necessary for a long time. It is a proven fact.

As all of the electronic appliances the Viking warming drawers can get injured due to some interior or exterior factors. No worries, because you have the Viking warming drawer repair in Los Angeles.

You should be aware of the fact that the silicon should be replaced at minimum once a year. Also, never forget to clean the electric warmer once every fortnight. No time to do all of that work? You can hire the Viking warming drawer expert who will maintain it for you.

However, it is rather easy to maintain it. You just need to turn off the warmer and let it cool down. After waiting a bit, you can splash some warm water to the slide rails and pan support, and clean it with a dry and soft cloth afterwards.

Take a look at these important precautious measures to prevent the unnecessary troubles and stress:

  • As banal as it seems always read all of the instructions before using the warming drawer.
  • Never let anybody (especially kids) to touch the hot surfaces without the handles or knobs, and use only dry potholders.
  • Get protected against the electrical shock and never immerse cord and plugs in water or other liquids.
  • In case of the necessity close the supervision of the appliance if it used by the kids.
  • Before cleaning the appliance unplug it and wait it to cool down before putting on or taking off parts.
  • Do not use the appliance for other than intended use.
  • After purchasing the drawer, make sure that is installed by the high qualified Viking technicians.
  • Never place the closed food containers inside of the electric drawer, because excess pressure can simply burst out.
  • Keep the warming drawer away from water sprinkles.
  • Store only the manufacturer’s recommended accessories inside and no other alien materials.
  • Stay attentive, and never place the flammable materials inside of the warming drawer.
  • Always put the steam racks in the preferred position while the appliance is cool.
  • Keep an eye on the warming drawer vent ducts so that they remained unobstructed.
  • Don’t even think of using the plastic wrap to cover food containers in the warming drawer, because they can easily melt inside.
  • Be careful when opening the drawer, and always let the hot steam escape before removing or replacing the food containers.
  • Keep your kids away from it when necessary to avoid the burns.

Years ago, such warming drawers considered to be the luxurious device not everyone could effort. But today people with big families or the business owners cannot imagine even a day without this great device. No need wasting your time on heating up the food all the time and keep somebody waiting. Such an investment could be of a great value for you, and will thank you by means of its high quality service.

Remember, when something happens to any part of the drawer it is highly recommended to call the Viking repair service and obtain the authorized technician who will probably solve this problem within the shortest time.

Don’t take away an opportunity to use one of the best kitchen device of all, and make your daily life easier. As soon as you have any kind of problems with your Viking warming drawer contact the Viking Serviceman professionals who will be happy to resolve your headache. In case of the minor issue you will be able to solve the problem over the phone. Our Viking professionals will guide you through the whole process and tell you exactly what to do.

Most of the time, people think they can handle the problems by themselves and try to fix alone. At the end they get angry and depressed when realize that they have done wrong. If you are not sure about your powers, than call the Viking Serviceman professionals, who have the deep knowledge of the product. By constantly taking part if special training courses, our Viking appliance technicians will surprise you with their service and will help your appliance to live longer and never break again.