Viking Ice Machine Repair

viking ice maker repair

viking ice maker repair

An ice machine on the kitchen is a great assistant, especially in the summer time. Ice is an irreplaceable commodity when the weather get hotter outside. Sometime people call this kitchen item a drip of luxury, and there is truth in these words. If you are thinking of buying a new ice machine in your kitchen that Viking Company will be your best decision.

What types of Viking ice machine can I choose?

Currently, Viking Company presents two various ice machines. The only difference between them is the existence of the drain pump in one of it. They both have 15 inches size and are free standing. The general amount of ice production is about 65 pounds per day. Thanks to the existing sensors that monitor the quality of the ice through the water conditions, you will be calm about its high level quality and safety for all of your family members.

If you ask about its main benefit, it will be the water draining away leaving behind wet cubes after the ice melts. It is a great advantage since these wet cubes prevent the machine against clumping. Viking ice machine has everything you need, starting from the installed lights and easy to use display.

Mainly, Viking consumers are satisfied with the quality of its appliance; however Viking ice maker repair still exists since some problems can occur. In this situation you have several ways out. You can do the job by yourself by checking out the Viking ice machine repair manual to understand how the different models work and what specialties they have.

Another good choice would be turning to the Viking Servicemen in Los Angeles. They are specially trained and know how to resolve any type of the Viking appliance problem.

What are most common issues with Viking ice machine?

One of the most typical issue that consumer face with is problem regarding the temperature. When you see that your ice machine is too warm, the ice will not be produced and will have a pool of water inside. In such situation you are highly recommended checking on the thermostat to make sure it works properly. The broken thermostat is the main reason your ice machine not making an ice and staying warm.

Another typical issue with a Viking ice machine is the electronic sensors inside of it. As soon as you notice that the quality of the ice is not like it should be, you may need to change the sensors inside of it. In case you have not done it before, you may search for the replacement parts in the online shop, or in your local store. When searching for the needed part online, you will able to use the ice machine repair guide that will help you to find the location of the sensors that need to be changed.

And the last problem you may face with is electronic troubles inside of the device. You may need to replace the blown fuse, or check the wiring inside of the device. However, such work can be done at home with a bit of experience and patience. All of this process is rather easy to do, and normally it can be done by anyone who has the least experience in such issues.

When you have other major issues with your Viking ice machine, it is up to you to decide how to get them fixed. Most important, if your ice machine is still under the warranty period, you can always get this job done for free by the Viking appliance repair technicians. Even if you are out of warranty, don’t panic, because the Viking Servicemen professionals will do any kind of the ice machine job for the lowest price and within the shortest time. We are always too busy to waste our precious time on the appliances, and that is what the professionals are for.

Viking ice maker repair and maintenance to prevent the future breakage?

If you invest in the Viking ice machine it is critical knowing how to take an adequate care of it. Nothing lasts forever in this changing world, but we can prolong the life of our appliances.

Just follow these easy to implement tips on how to maintain an ice machine:

  • Water filters are the main components of any ice machine, and their main purpose is to remove the sediments out of the water. It makes the quality of the ice high and keeps you safe. To get the joy of the high quality and tasty ice, you need to replace the water filters at least every 6 months, or in case of they are worn-out filter, replace it with a new one.
  • Antimicrobial protection that helps to limit the production of grime and mold inside and outside of the ice machine. Ideally, it needs to be replaced after two months of the usage in order to keep your ice machine clean.
  • Regular cleaning procedures. It may sound a bit annoying, but you have to clean the ice machine after each use. In case you use it in your bar or restaurant, than it needs to be cleaned on the daily basis. General cleaning is also highly important. You can do it every six months. Thanks to the easy removal of the ice machine parts, you can unscrew and clean all of them in the proper way.

Hence, the best way to keep your ice maker in a good and stable condition is to provide the sufficient regular maintenance. Doing such easy things will prolong your Viking ice machine electrical life, and will bring provide you with a pure and tasty ice.

Therefore, even if you have done all these precautious measures and your Viking ice machine still broke down, than do not hesitate and contact the Viking Serviceman – Viking Ice maker repair professionals that are available for you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to solve your ice machine problems. Our professionals will:

  • Repair your ice machine fast and qualitatively.
  • After they have estimated the repair price, you will not pay anything extra.
  • They will not leave the mess after the work is done and clean up everything.
  • They will lead you through the whole repair process and explain you the main reasons of the breakage, and mostly important how to give a sly of the problems in the future.

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