Viking Trash Compactor Repair

viking trash compactor repair

viking trash compactor repair

Most of the times, people go with a simply 5 pounds house hold garbage that we can be hardly called comfortable. But when we are talking about the Viking Trash compactor everything changes. Having a supermassive 3000 pound trash crushing power, it beats all of the competitors.

Types of Viking trash compactors

One of the most commonly used models is the 15 inches wide Trash Compactor. This model has many high-tech features, like digital display and a very important function that helps you to control the terrible odor that may occur in the kitchen.

Even though its sounds like a perfect kitchen device, it may still have some certain problems. Such types of high-tech features are by all odds a great tool for everyone, but they can also create more problems as the result, and things can break.

What should I do to get my Viking trash compactor repaired?

Viking appliances have been on the market already for a decade, so if you have some problems with your appliance you are sure that you can find the Viking repair service all over the US territory. Viking Servicemen in Los Angeles is not an exception.

They are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to repair any kind of your dishwasher problems. You can rely on their professional service regardless to your special needs. The Viking Servicemen technicians are professionally trained to repair all of the trash compactor brands and models.

Do not worry about the price since they will provide you with the lowest one within the shortest time span. After they have estimated the cost of the service you will not have to pay any extra expenses. During the repair job, they will give some practical advice on how to maintain your dishwasher so that it could last longer. They can also give you a practical advice if you call them. Do not hesitate to consult the Viking Servicemen specialists as it’s their job to help and assist you when you need it the most.

The Viking appliance technicians do not recommend you repairing your trash compactor by yourself as you can make even worsen the situation. Of course, you can consult the trash compactor manual guide that you have obtained during the purchase, or Google your problems and trying to find the solutions. Whatever you decide, remember that if something goes wrong you will pay the double price for the repair, and you definitely do not need that headache.

What are the possible problems that may occur with my Viking Trash Compactor?

There are several common issues that may happen to your trash compactor, so check them out attentively.

The first most typical one is a problem with a display. In case you see that your digital display is not working, than it’s about time to consult the Viking trash compactor repair manual and figure out the possible problem. In some cases you may need the blown fuse to be reaplced, and in others you may need to completely replace the display. In such major cases it would wisely to call the Viking Servicemen technicians.

The next common problem that may happen with your Viking trash compactor, is when it simply not compacting. When this principal function stops working you feel stressed. Normally, the Viking trash compactor is able to crush 30 pounds of trash in only 35 seconds, and if you have noticed that it is no longer able to complete this task within this concrete time, than something is surely wrong with your trash machine.

The first thing to do is to check out the motor, which is by all odds the heart of the trash compactor machine. As soon as you found it, you can use a couple tools to check whether it is working properly. There is a high probability that your motor has slowed or even died, and needs to be replaced. Thanks to the Viking trash compactor website, you will be able to purchase a new one, and your trash compactor will be alive again! In case you didn’t find the needed part on the store, you can turn to the Viking Servicemen technicians help, and they will find it for you.

The Viking Trash Compactor Repair

People tend to think that cleaning trash compactor is not that necessary, but the truth is that it is important! If you invest in the Viking appliances than you need to take a good care of them. The better you treat your device the longer it will last. Don’t worry; it’s not that hard to clean the trash compactor.

  • Regular and thorough cleaning inside. It is highly recommended using a bacteria-fighting cleaner in order to clean the ram and any other parts of the compactor that contact with a garbage.
  • Odor control. Since we put the food leftovers into the trash compactor, the bacteria can grow on the inside of the compactor. In order to avoid the possible odor, spray the interior with a germ-killing deodorant. Also, it is very important to replace the filter twice a year.

Safety first

When using your Viking trash compactor do not forget about the common sense.

  • Never allow your children to use it, since it may have the drastic consequences.
  • Don’t try to turn your trash compactor on if the door is not completely shut.
  • Don’t attempt to open your trash compactor while it is in the process of compacting the trash.
  • Stay away from putting any burning trash or hazardous chemicals inside of the compactor.
  • Do not operate your trash compactor without first lining the interior with a trash bag.

Therefore, it is highly important to maintain your appliance in a right way, and it will appreciate you with a great service and longevity. When none of it works, and your Viking trash compactor breaks down, you can either fix the problem by yourself or calling the professionals.

It definitely brings us a high level of satisfaction when we fix something ourselves, but is it really worth it? If you are not sure about your forces than don’t delay and call the Viking Servicemen professionals.