Viking Microwave Is Broken? No Worries, We Will Fix it

viking microwave repair

viking microwave repair

If I ask you a question about the most needed kitchen item when you need to heat something fast, what would think about? I bat your first thought was a microwave. Nowadays non-stop life style is barely hard to imagine without the microwaves in our kitchens. And that’s where Viking microwaves come into the game. Its fast cooking times and commodity have attracted the Viking customers and make them sure about its top notch quality and long lasting service.

I have one and I am very happy with it. We just built a new house and we have the viking microwave mounted in the multi-use chamber above a warming drawer. Our old house had a very unreliable GE microwave and this viking is definitely much better. I don’t recall the exact cost of the microwave, but I would imagine that it’s not really worth the cost, however, it has been very reliable and I like it alot. That said, if you only are looking for at the viking in order to match to other appliances, you could mount any other microwave of the same size in the multi chamber and you would have the same look for less $$.”- Customer’s review.

What choice do I have for Viking Microwave Repair?

Currently, among all of the Viking appliances, you can choose among 7 different model types of the Viking microwaves. Each of one has its own standards and catches to satisfy the customer’s needs. You can look for the different styles and sizes that will perfectly fit into your kitchen, and work the best for you and your family.

All of these microwaves have a big number of available options to meet your specific requests, to set the food timer; warming settings to keep the food warm etc. Despite of all these great features you might still need the Viking microwave repair done. Sometimes the more features your microwave has the more things could go wrong.

Microwaves have become more and more important in the kitchen and as the result Viking microwave repair has become significant as well. People start turning to microwave’s help more often just to heat up some leftovers, or cook something within the shortest time. Sometimes they have not time to treat it right and take care of it as well.

Most of the times, we have not time to deal with microwaves troubles, and have no desire to arrange the time for the repairmen. Such people simply try to fix everything by themselves being sure they can simply handle it because it’s easy as ABC. Well, as the result they get even angrier because they have to pay the double price for the technician who will have to fix the double-trouble.

What are the main complains about the Viking microwaves? Let’s have a look on them:

  • The machine started buzzing and burning.
  • Rust spots in the oven.
  • Internal fan failed.
  • Failing to open or close the door normally.

What can I do when I have such type of a problem?

In case your microwave does not work properly there is no need to panic. The main important thing is for your appliance to be under the manufacturer’s warranty, and you will not need to pay for anything at all. Any situation, even the most terrible one can have several ways out, and this case is not an exception.

For instance, if you have noticed that the digital display does not work, than it is recommended checking the wring and the fuses. If the problems is that simple than you can easily resolve it by checking the internet owner’s manual, where you will find all of the necessary information regarding to the fuse box location. However, if you feel like you can’t handle it by yourself don’t hesitate and call the Viking microwave repair in Los Angeles.

Another common problem about the Viking microwave is that the food is being overcooked or only heated up in one area. Such types of issue are better being left for the professional Viking repair hands.

How should I treat the microwave to prolong its life duration?

There are surely some general rules of thumb that can be done to prolong your microwave’s life and keep you away from the stress:

  • Always try to follow the cooking times in the recipe book that comes with your microwave, and use average 600-700 watt settings.
  • When you cook something, you are recommended to stir the dishes as stews and veggies to make sure that all of the ingredients get fully heated.
  • Stay away from the metal containing in the dish to avoid the sparks and flashes in your microwave. Use only the microwave-safe container.
  • Try not using the brown paper bags and overcooking the popcorn.
  • Pay attention to the microwave’s positioning and place it in accordance with a chest level of the shortest person who is going to use it.
  • If you want to build your microwave into a cabinet you need to make sure of its safety. You can ask your manufacturer about a kit for trimming your microwaves edges. Make sure you don’t block any vent.

I have been using this microwave for more than 18 months. Absolutely no complaints either on the pre-defined programs or regular use. I use the pre-defined programs mostly for cooking rice, popcorn and vegetables. My previous Panasonic microwave had inconsistent results for these – either rice came out too dry, or popcorn over or underdone. This one gives consistently good results.”- Customers review.

In any case, if you are facing some certain troubles with your Viking microwave don’t delay and contact the Viking Servicemen Los Angeles professionals, who have the long experience in the repairs sphere and thousands of positive reviews from the happy costumers. The main thing for you to remember is to react promptly and keep in mind that every hour you don’t contact the Viking microwave repair service you lose your money and risk to pay the double price as the result.