Viking Wine Cooler Repair

viking wine cooler repair

viking wine cooler repair

Wine cooler could be a great kitchen item for both wine collector and people who have their bars or restaurants. Wine cooler will always keep you wine fresh and tasty. Wine cooler was designed for short-term storage, making them ideal for keeping handy wines you want to drink within a few months.

Most of the time, wine collectors find their collection grows quickly and they often order another cooler after some time. So if you are that type of person, then go ahead and purchase couple wine coolers at once.

If you seek the wine cooler of your dream than go with a Viking wine cooler. You may find the wine coolers with chrome/wire/wood racks. However, most of the times, Viking wine coolers are fitted with wood racks. It also comes with a slide-out shelving feature that makes your wine restocking easier. If you want to store a few bottles of wine that would be consumed within next few months, then Viking wine cellar would be a perfect option for you.

Thus, in total you will get:

  • The Tri Temp storage system that allows you to store wines with three different temperatures.
  • The flexible storage options will let you store various sized wine bottles.
  • You will get the low intensity interior lighting that presents the interiors of the cellar in a very stylish manner.
  • Very flexible display shelves that give you an opportunity to adjust the height of the shelves.

The udnercounter of the free standing wine cellar come with two sizes (15, 24 inches) and both have:

  • Forced air-cooling system.
  • Electronic controls with a digital temperature.
  • Adjustable shelves that help you to suite the wine bottle height.
  • Stainless steel cabinet interiors and exteriors.

In case you wish to store both red and white wine within the same wine cooler, Viking wine cooler offers the variety of dual zone refrigerators that are specially designed for such purpose. Before purchasing your very own wine cooler, decide what you need it for. For instance, if you will display it for people that it’s worth paying a premium; but if you will keep it in your garage than don’t overpay for the visible design.

What happens when my Viking wine cooler breaks down?

Usually, Viking consumers report the high quality of the Viking appliances and their longevity. However, even the Viking appliances can fail from time to time. But there is still no need to worry, because due the long existence of the Viking Company on the electronic appliance market, you may find the Viking wine cooler repair providers all of over the US territory. Thus, you can find the Viking wine cooler repair technicians in Los Angeles as well.

These service providers know their job, and have been trained and authorized by Viking to provide you with the top notch service. Before calling to the Viking wine cellar repair technicians, you can look at the symptoms of the occurred problem and take according actions. You can find an action plan tips on your product manual that has been given to you when you have been purchasing your ice cooler.

What are the main problems with a Viking Wine Cooler Repair ?

After gathering the main problems consumers come across with, is happen to be the problem related to the condenser fan that is making noise while working. This type of problem can easily be resolved by simply applying the right type of lubrication in the areas that produce friction with a condenser fan. This fan is located at the top of the unit behind the condenser grill.

Another typical problem the Viking costumers face with is the cellar does not provide the needed cooling effect. The main cause of such problem is the improper maintenance of the condenser coil. It always needs to be thoroughly cleaned. You just need to remove the unnecessary dust and dirt when required. If after all you have done your Viking wine cooler still does not work, check out the condenser fan motor. It might have to be cleaned together with a plug that comes with a motor.

Nevertheless, all of the above-mentioned issues can be easily fixed by means of the Viking Servicemen technicians. They are capable of attending the most complex problems with your appliance. Firstly, they will look into the cooling issue and check the condenser coil. If after cleaning both the condenser coil and the condenser motor your wine cellar still does not get the required cooling effect, they might recommend changing the condenser motor.

They will be able to get the original condenser motor from the stock and provide you with it at very short notice. In case your cellar were within two years warranty, then you will have chance to replace it for free. Hence, the Viking Servicemen professionals will resolve your problem step by step and provide you with the service you need.

You can prolong the life of your wine cooler, and that’s why you need to follow the useful tips that are available on your manual. Our Viking Serviceman technicians will give you some interesting and useful tips during the repairing process. So you will need listening them thoroughly and follow their tips that could be extremely helpful in increasing the longevity of the wine cellar.

Don’t overestimate your possibilities and think twice before doing the job yourself. If you damage some of the ice machine parts, you will eventually pay the double price for the repair process. Have you heard the famous saying that says “The greedy pays twice”? It’s all true. Save up your time, energy and money; spend it all on your beloved ones.

Choosing the Viking Serviceman technicians you are choosing the long years of experience, together with satisfied customers and reviews. The word repair does not always mean expensive, and it all depends on how fast you react on the situation. Enjoy the glass of the refreshing wine, and forget about all of the troubles.